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I am your host

Giovanna Laudani, born in Catania Sicily, hobbies: cars, cycling, dancing, taking care of my loved ones and of course cooking and looking at the world. 

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My story

As the second eldest child of 10 siblings, I came to Schierling from Catania in Sicily over 30 years ago. It was a jump in at the deep end, like for so many Italians who made their way to Germany at the time. We didn not know what to expect, but we were grateful and glad that we received so much affection and help. I first worked for Schierlinger companies until I found a suitable job with Filomena and Luigi and their restaurant, which enabled me to take care of my daughter Floriana in addition to my daily work. When Filomena handed over the restaurant to me in 2001 due to old age, I renamed the restaurant L'Arte Italiana, but initially kept many things that made Filomena successful in Schierling. So today I still have a Jäger and a paprika schnitzel, which has nothing to do with Italian cuisine at all. It was and is important to me that the passion and love that Filomena and her husband gave to this restaurant is also reflected in me and my passion for cooking. We are a typical Italian restaurant where family is important and also helps me with many things. I am the chef, the creativity of the kitchen comes from me and my brother Ivano, who also makes sure that you get the right food and drinks. My brother Salvo helps me bake pizza on the weekends and my husband organizes drinks and orders from the street vendors behind the counter. So we are a small but well-rehearsed team that really tries everything to meet your wishes. If something annoys you, displeases you or just doesn't fit, talk to me. We are not perfect and we like to learn every day. 

Now I wish you all a pleasant stay in my restaurant and I hope that my and my teams culinary skills will convince you and that you will soon be my guests again. 

Your Giovanna and Team 

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